About The Artist




Abigail was born in 1999 in New Jersey and is now based in Baltimore, MD where she is attended the Maryland Institute College of Art for a BFA in Painting and a concentration in Curation. Having studied at MICA, The Art Academy of Hillsborough, Abigail has gained a wide range of skills varying from realistic oil painting, large-scale abstract installation, sculpture, fibers, ceramics, etc.


I am constantly in awe of light. My work is fabricated and inspired by the idea that various realms of light can impact the emotional weight of each space we live in. These realms of light illustrate complex intimate relationships within our domestic spaces rendered as large-scale contemporary realistic oil paintings. The manipulation of light, color spaces, and uncanny realism all bring the viewer closer to the painting allowing them to be submerged in the narrative. 

My paintings utilize my love of cinema and fascination with the physical separation of interior architecture like windows and doorways in our homes. I manipulate the perspective and lighting of these beautifully mundane spaces to highlight the physical and emotional division felt in American domesticity. These paintings tell ambiguous narratives of miscommunication, silent relationships, disputes, and being stuck in lonely contemplation. Derived from my own social experiences and background, my work pulls on the inherent humanness of these moments in the larger narrative of isolation in these spaces.”